How the Median Responder Gate Works

MRGs replace a section of concrete median barrier wall.  MRGs allow first responders and maintenance personnel to go through median walls by lowering into and rising from the ground. Emergency and maintenance personnel activate the gate using a keychain-sized wireless transmitter that, when pressed, signals the gate to lower into the ground. During the lowering phase, red warning lights flash repeatedly to alert surrounding vehicles. When the gate is fully lowered, after approximately 10 seconds, the red lights stop flashing and yellow lights begin, indicating that the gate is fully open. First responders can now drive through the wall unimpeded.

After crossing the gate, the operator presses the button on the wireless transmitter to raise the gate and seal the median crossover opening. The red warning lights once again activate, and they continue to flash until the gate has returned to its raised position. In its raised position, the safety of the barrier wall is re-established and unsafe illegal u-turns are not possible.

Responders Require a Fast Acting Gate

With other gates, the need to manually undo clamps and bolts was even more time consuming and resulted in first responders instead resorting to drive miles to the next U turn. What’s more, earlier automated systems were unreliable and hard to open and close, resulting in valuable time lost while lives hung in the balance.

Cumberland Barrier’s MRGs open in approximately 10 seconds and close in approximately 15 seconds, allowing responders to arrive at the target location, administer treatment, and transport casualties with minimal lost travel time.

In emergency situations, every second counts. Our MRGs maximize precious life-saving time while meeting the strength, durability and safety requirements of the Federal Highway Administration and American Association of State Highway and Transportation Officials (AASHTO).

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