MRG Testing & Applications

Crash Test

During the MASH crash testing, the MRG was struck by a 5,000-pound pickup truck traveling in excess of 60 miles per hour. Once the test was completed, the MRG was examined for damage and tested for operational issues.

Below are post-crash observations:

  • The MRG has been crash tested and successfully passed the MASH Test Level 3 (TL-3) requirements.
  • The test indicated zero gate deflection during the crash. Gate damage was limited to slight dents to the flange of the lower horizontal member.
  • The gate continued to lower and raise after the crash test impact.
  • When the gate was raised, it returned to within 1/16 inch of its pre-crash position.

Ice and Snow Operation Test

The MRG was tested during a winter storm to determine its ability to function. The weather event began as rain, then ice then about 4 inches of snow. The MGR was tested just after the weather event while the temperature was 12 degrees Fahrenheit. The MRG’s 9000-pound downward gate force showed no hesitancy lowering and then raising to its original position.

Emergency Response Application

MRG’s primary use is providing crossovers for emergency response vehicles through the concrete median barriers on multi-lane roadways. This shortens responder’s travel time during emergencies and potentially reduces the number of required respondents. A very important MRG feature is that, unlike normal emergency crossovers, MRG eliminates unsafe illegal u-turns.

Reroutes Stopped/Stalled Traffic

MRGs can be used for rerouting traffic during roadway closures that might occur due to storm events or accidents. Since the MRG can be operated wirelessly in 10 seconds, no maintenance crews with tools need to be summoned to mechanically open the gate.

Expedites Construction/Maintenance Vehicle Movement

Creates shorter travel time for construction vehicles by allowing them to pass through traffic control barriers then close to reestablish the control barrier.